Northern Hills Church is a new church that was started by the Greater Calgary Church Planting Network in January 2014. This network consists of 6 different churches and organizations that were committed to partially supporting Northern Hills for it’s first 3 years.  We are currently in our fourth year of existence and our first year without the financial and leadership support from our planting network.

We are a non-denominational church which does not mean that we exist on our own, but it simply means we are without a regional governing body like many denominations. We are, however, connected very closely to a number of churches in Calgary and our community as we all work together to grow God’s kingdom in our city.

Through our first 3 years, our planting network provided us with a team of 6 individuals called a management team which provided guidance, direction, and accountability as we developed our own leadership team. In January 2017 the management team handed off leadership of the church to our Vision Team which is made up of 5 members of Northern Hills Church. This Vision Team is currently leading the church in a year long process of developing an Eldership Team. We are currently on track to install our very first Eldership team in November 2017. In order to learn about what Eldership is at Northern Hills you can watch Peter’s sermon on the subject from May by CLICKING HERE.

Peter - Lead Pastor

Peter Roberts: Lead Pastor

Zakk - Youth Pastor

Zakk Kwantes: Youth Pastor

Jamie - Pastoral Intern

Jamie Hunka: Pastoral Intern

Colin - Events Coach

Colin Hattrick: Vision Team

Juan - Northern Hills Men

Juan Ruiz: Vision Team


Cam Clark: Vision Team


Rick Scruggs:  Vision Team